Jumping With The Stars: You Be The Judge, Featuring New Spectator Judging App presented by SAP

Sep 12, 2017 - 10:43 AM




How is Show Jumping Scored?

Scoring for the sport of show jumping is based off of several different “faults.” When the horse and rider combination knocks a rail down, four penalty faults are given. Four faults are also given for the first disobedience which could be in the form of a refusal or a run out. Elimination occurs after a second disobedience, an incorrect deviation of course, or after a horse and rider exceeds the time limit set.

On Thursday, final scores are calculated simply by adding penalties to the lowest times executed on course.

On Friday, the winner is the one with the lowest penalty points and the shortest time among those with the lowest penalties.


How is Cross-Country Scored?

Riders are given an optimum time to complete the course, and are penalized by .4 points per second that they exceed that time. Riders must complete the course in twice the optimum time to avoid elimination. The jumping penalties for cross-country include: 1st disobedience, 20 penalties. 2nd disobedience at the same obstacle, 40 penalties. 3rd disobedience on course, elimination. Fall of horse or rider, elimination. The best score a rider can achieve from cross-country is 0.

If you watch Dancing With The Stars (highly recommend), you can assume that throwing around those awesome score paddles has to be FUN for those judges. Now, thanks to technology implemented by SAP and Black Horse One, you too can throw around the virtual judge’s paddle, this time for those jumping hooves that have replaced the dancing shoes.


Spectator Judging App – Add those “Harmony Scores”

The Rolex Central Park Horse Show is excited to offer fans and spectators a hands-on experience and a more in-depth look at show jumping and cross-country judging, with the Spectator Judging App presented by SAP. Originally designed to let fans co-judge dressage competitions, it is now also providing an opportunity for the showjumping spectators to get involved. Besides the quantitative scoring of time and faults which make up the official results as described above, let us know which performances touch your “equestrian heart” most. Who demonstrates style and horsemanship best from your perspective?

A quick introduction to style judging:

On a scale from 0 to 100, you have the opportunity to submit your own numerical scores after each rider completes their round. Top marks between 90 and 100 are usually awarded to riders demonstrating outstanding position, feel and performance, smooth and invisible aids, and an excellent understanding of the questions asked in the course.

A good performance with some slight errors but generally a solid round will earn scores between 80 and 89.scores; between 70 and 79 reflect some obvious flaws. Major problems such as a very bad distance to a fence, skipping a lead change, or several cross canter steps typically receive a score between 60 and 69. A dangerous performance, excessive speed, or refusals usually result in a score of 59 or below.

Provide your scores after each round. The average spectator results will be presented as a percentage after each rider, and you can immediately check your results against those of the audience and the official results (faults) in your app!

And there is yet another exciting feature for you to test: Once the course design has been introduced, you can guess which will be the two or three most knocked obstacles in that competition and tell us how many times these obstacles will cause penalties. The app will display the course design and fans can then choose from the obstacle list. It is quite challenging to correctly assess the course!

Since we are scoring, let’s stick with that theme as we take a look at the best things about the Spectator Judging App presented by SAP!

The overall design of the app is user friendly. (10/10)
The app gives you the ability to select different modes depending how in-depth you feel like judging vs. watching. In the dressage version, there are four modes: full mode, short mode, quick mode, and young horse mode. (10/10)
It gives the ability to engage directly with the competition in front of you. YOU get to judge the top riders in the world. How cool is that!? (10/10)
The app truly gives you a new appreciation for the work that the real judges do. (10/10)


We will give the Spectator Judging App, brought to you by SAP, a perfect 100% with 10’s across the board!

Now here is your chance to get credit for all of that judging. As ballroom dancer and DWTS’ Judge Lenn Goodman would say, “Parts were magic, parts were tragic.” Happy scoring!

Excited for the Rolex Central Park Horse Show? Well now you can crank the enthusiasm up even more! With the new Spectator Judging App, brought to you by SAP, YOU can be the judge of some of the top riders in the world! Download Spectator Judging for IoS or Android from your iTunes store, or wherever you download your apps from!

Happy Scoring!

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